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    Cooking Filipino Food: Caldereta

      Filipino food is mostly entrees that are paired with rice. Filipinos are rice people as it is one of their top produce. Well, I have tasted quite a number of Filipino dishes as I have gathered a number of Filipino recipes. What I noticed about them is that they are

    Cooking Filipino Food: Adobo

    Let it be said: Filipinos love to eat. There are Filipino communities everywhere and this is why you will notice the availability of Filipino food around the world. Filipinos are rice people. They just love rice. This is the main reason why most Filipino food are best eaten with rice.

    Exotic Filipino Foods

    When Your Stomach Feels Adventurous: Exotic Foods to Try Your Philippine adventure would not be complete without taking a bit of risk and trying some Exotic Filipino Food. Filipinos sometimes have the weirdest food, even just on the streets. However, these exotic foods will totally shock you. If you want

    Filipino Food: Exotic Delicacies

    Into Exotic Delicacies? Try Filipino Food The Philippines is a land of 7000+ islands. They are consisted of many different ethnicities and therefore their culture is quite mixed. This is why the Filipino food is indeed a variety. There are many different Filipino food recipes that many people would love