Filipina Dating: A Guide

Filipina Dating: A Guide

Walking along in Boracay
Walking along in Boracay, Philippines

You may think that dating is practically the same thing everywhere around the globe. Think again. Dating is part of the culture, and each culture is different from one another. If you truly want to date a Filipina, the best way to do it is learn about it. It may not ensure you 100% success, but it would not guarantee total failure either. Here is a helpful guide for dating a Filipina.

Good Grooming Says it All

Like many people around the world, we value good grooming and physical hygiene. Filipinos generally like looking presentable when we are meeting someone important. To us, if you meet us like you just woke up, it means you are not prepared. As they often say, you have to “dress to impress”. One thing you should know when dating a Filipina is that we are keen about your appearance. As a country whose daily bath average is twice a day (one bath in the morning, a short shower at night), we hope you would practice the same. Wear cologne or perfume, but avoid using something with a very strong scent. If you have been in the Philippines before, you probably know that the weather’s hot most days. Hot and humid weather plus strong perfume scents really do not blend well together.

It’s not the just the shower you would want to take care of. Filipinas notice every little detail about your appearance – your hair, your clothes (are they properly ironed?), your fingernails, your teeth, etc. Your breath is probably one you want to give the most attention to, especially if you intend to kiss her.

Be Nice

Filipina dating takes a lot of introductions. When you start to get to know her, you have to be prepared to know her friends and family members, especially her parents. Part of the Filipino culture is to always have strong ties with our families. We practically tell them everything about our lives!

It would be a big advantage for your Filipina dating adventure if you impress her friends and family members, especially her parents. If you impress her parents, they would invite you to special family dinners and would even warmly welcome you like they have known you for a very long time. Do not be alarmed by this act like they would force you to marry their daughter! Filipinos are naturally warm-hearted towards outsiders who treat them kindly. It would be helpful to you too! If you get them to like you, the girl would like you even more.

Her Spiritual Beliefs are Important

Most Filipinos are Roman Catholics. As a dominantly Catholic country, we strongly profess our faith and we adhere to the commandments of the Bible. Muslims have a strict religious practice too. When dating a Filipina, never insult or ridicule her because of her religious beliefs. We consider our religious beliefs as heirlooms from our ancestors.

Treat her beliefs and religious practices with respect, even if you do not believe in it. It is important that you treat this subject matter with all sensitivity because even her family and friends would shun you if you made a derogatory comment.

Consistency is Key

Filipina dating is not like Western dating. Most Asian countries date with marriage in mind. You should know that many Filipinas want to date someone who can be consistently good enough to be a husband. There are several qualities they look for in a person they want to date. Usually, they want someone responsible and God-fearing. They also want someone who can be good with kids and has a strong sense of family. While it is not true that Filipinos are materialistic, most Filipinas look for someone who is able to get and maintain a stable job.

Equality for All

With the modern period emerging, the values adapt as well. Nowadays, Filipinas strongly believe that they deserve to be treated as equals. When dating a Filipina, do not make her feel like she needs to be inferior than you are. Do not treat her as a maid who would cook and do chores for you. Girls are taught to do all these things as teens, and she would gladly cook and clean for you if you treat her with respect and love.

These are just a few ways to ensure the success when dating a Filipina. Remember that the most important thing is that you have to show her that you are serious about entering a relationship with her. This way, you would surely win her heart.

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