Filipina Dating Gift guide

Filipinas Dating Gift guide

Giving a Gift to a Filipina

Part of the Filipino dating culture is the giving of the gifts of the man to the girl. Sometimes, you even have to give gifts to the parents! In the Filipino culture, there is great value in giving gifts.  Filipinas would surely like to receive special gifts from men because they see it as an act of thoughtfulness and love.

If you are, or would like to be dating a Filipina, here is a guide to giving gifts. 🙂

There are many types of gifts that would impress  Filipinas. In the Philippines, we have a saying about gifts. We always say that “it’s the thought that counts”. We often use this phrase to mean that something might not be expensive, but giving something means the person has thought dearly of you. Because we have this concept, the more thoughtful your gift is, the more it would impress her. What are some gifts you might think about giving her?

• Flowers. Buying a bouquet of flowers in the Philippines can be quite expensive. Girls in general like flowers, but to a Filipina, being given flowers means that you extend effort to buy something special. You can pair flowers with a card or chocolates. Roses are generally liked by most women, but you may also get her sunflowers or carnations. Better yet, find out what her favourite flowers are and give her an arrangement of those.

• Jewelry. While diamonds are a girl’s best friend,  Filipinas like receiving jewelry only if there is a special occasion. For us, giving jewelry means that you would like to be exclusive. Because a jewelry is a valuable piece of item, girls feel extra special if you give this to them. While diamonds are great, you could find out what her birthstone is and give a piece with that gem to her.

• Letters. Before the social networks became famous, people used to pass notes and letters. There’s nothing more romantic than to receive a bunch of love poems or letters from someone. If you want to impress some more, go ahead and turn that poem into a song. It shows great effort, and she would surely like that.

• A big surprise. Most  Filipinas like to be surprised with something big. In Filipino movies you would often see extravagant proposals and even extraordinary sorry messages. Take her somewhere where there are a lot of people. A kid once brought a tarpaulin to school with his I LOVE YOU message and in front of the whole building stood there until his girlfriend got out. The more it attracts attention, the better it would be taken. This is because most Filipinas like it when a guy goes over his pride to tell his feelings.

• Stuffed animals. For some reason, Filipinas are crazy about stuffed animals. There’s probably no house in the Philippines not containing one. In fact, there are a lot of stores in the Philippines that sells just stuffed animals and they’re not just made for kids. Especially big ones are great for gift-giving.

• Something you made. Just like any girl,  Filipinas like it when a guy gives effort to something. Since we have the notion of thoughtfulness as a gift, girls like it when you provide them with something you made like a cake. It gets extra special if they know you have no idea what you are doing and still went your way to do it.

There are certainly other types of gifts that you could give to impress  Filipinas. Common western gifts like perfume and gadgets work too. However, there are some people who do not like being given too expensive gifts. Since the Philippines is economicallyunstable, showing off by giving expensive gifts might offend a person.

For Filipinos, the more thought you put in the gift, the better it would be. It is not important to spend so much money on buying gifts. It is also not very important to buy gifts often. If you remember special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, that would be enough to keep her happy.

A word of advice for foreigners giving gifts to  Filipinas: do not give her something bought from the country. Stuff like food or handmade items from tourist places in the Philippines might be good gifts, but they are not great gifts to impress a girl. Try to find something that could be found in your own country. They would see that as more special and more worth the value.

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  1. Great article!! I have been studying pinays for 6 years, and am currently writing a book about my experiences. True, the best women on EARTH, I believe. However, “some” (I am trying to distinguish between “types” of pinays, which is what led me to this article!) are also the most sneaky, mischievous, pitiful little things you will ever see. I think it comes down to “traditional” and “non-traditional” pinays. The western influence was good for Filipinos, but also negatively influenced their traditional mindset and sense of self-pride. Filipinas are the most beautiful women created by God. Were it not for technology, few westerners would know about pinays – and vice-versa. However, “some” pinays have ZERO standards when it comes to dating a foreigner. I am appalled/jealous whenever I see an 80+ caucasian guy with an 18 year old Filipina. Some say love has no age limits, but I’m calling bullsh*t. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I feel many pinays want even an old geezer to give them a better life. My purpose for writing my book is to show westerners that NOT ALL filipina women are gold diggers, or have ill motives, however. All I know is that Western women do NOT like Filipinas, as they fear many men are turning to these magnificent, once-unknown women. God bless you all and Salamat for reading. – Blaise

  2. ^^^ aww Blaise I find that very offensive as many Filipino women are the bread winners for their families 😂 you’ve probably just had a bad run with the pinays. So sad.

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