Filipina Dating- How to reach her heart

Filipina Dating- How to reach her heart


So you are interested in knowing how to win the hearts of those exotic Asian Filipinas? Let me first start by saying-good choice! Filipinas are known to be caring, lovable, gentle and romantic women (not that Western women are not but Filipinas are just more). Perhaps it’s these qualities that seem to draw men to them especially foreigners. I have heard many ‘speculations’ as to how to reach the hearts of these women but the bottom line is above anything else, they are women.  The same good old tricks that you learned back in high school will still get you a few points with them. Still let’s set your expectations right.

One thing to remember about Filipina women is they are not as liberated as the women you may be used to dating. Although frankly, I believe that their values have gone down since the time of Spanish colonization and many once thought ‘taboos’ are now accepted, (ie. You will find women in extremely short skirts roaming the streets at night) they are still (or want to be viewed as) conservative.

Conservative I say?  Putting it bluntly, if you are seriously dating a Filipina woman, you shouldn’t expect to get her to bed on your first date. In fact, be thankful if she even allows a goodnight kiss when the night is over. Note the use of ‘seriously dating’-off course there are women who like anywhere else are just after so called ‘one night stands’ but if you really like the girl and she knows it, don’t expect anything more than a ‘thank you’.

Next point, mi amigo, is that these women are gentle and expect to be treated likewise. If you are not used to treating women like queens and princesses, then you may be ruining your chances with Filipinas. The bottom line is they love to be pampered, showered upon with little gifts, showed concern-you get the idea. Not to forget opening of doors-the entire gentleman charade will do wonders if you are dating a Filipina.

Filipinas are very family-oriented. This goes beyond the mere getting together on holidays or special occasions- she probably still stays with her family and siblings up to now. I would suggest thinking of your courtship as not only directed to her but to her family. Yes guys, you have to court her family as well and do the same things (not literally) you would for her such as the giving of gifts etc. In as much as this sucks-especially if you get the feeling that you are not wanted, it is a must. Win her family’s heart and you will win hers. Break her family’s heart, and believe me, no matter how much she likes you, she will not hesitate to dump you.

I don’t know if my next observation can apply to ALL Filipinas as such but in my opinion, they like to play ‘hard to get’. They aren’t showy and may even give the impression of not being interested or not appreciating whatever you did.  They love to act ‘cool and collected’ and when it gets too much, you may find them excusing themselves to the comfort room where they can jump for joy at the sweet thing

you did for them. I guess it’s a way of ‘testing’ how interested you are, whether you will give up or continue despite the hard time she is giving you.  Truth is, in the end, when (if) you finally do win, they will be the sweetest girlfriends you’ve ever had.

Something else I think that is worth noting is the fact that as the man, you will be expected to shell out the money and pay the bills. Yes, I know this is supposed to be basic dating etiquette but when dating Filipina women, it will be an insult to expect her to pay for the bill-during the dating/courtship stage at least. So please, please do not make her pay for anything!

Although I will not conclude this article by saying that Filipino women are the best, or that Filipina dating is a challenge- I will say this: your efforts will be worthwhile. Once she’s your girl, she’ll treat you like a King and you’ll wonder why oh why you didn’t meet her earlier.

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  1. Filipinas are pleasers and theyre also easy to please at the same time. Just be romantic, generous, and kind and youll get her heart

  2. Filipinas are great, and absolutely irresistable, but the total allegiance to a family of money-grubbing losers is ridiculous. Two of the filipinas I’ve dated had the most annoying families ever and I couldn’t seem to get them out of the picture so I broke up with them. They didn’t understand for a second why I was irritated that family members were always asking me for money, even ones I hadn’t met. Swear to god it killed me because they were exceedingly beautiful nice girls but no way could I put up with their stupid families. Major buzzkill

  3. When you meet someone that has good intentions for lasting relationship or marriage you are one of the luckiest. Filipinas are the most kind hearted women in the world. I’ve been married to mine for more that 10 years and it was the best decision ever. We meet each other in this family-oriented filipino dating site

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