Filipina Dating: I once dated a Filipina

Filipina Dating: I once dated a Filipina

A couple of years back, I visited the Philippines for a vacation. I heard that they have the most beautiful beaches there. Since it is known around the world that Filipinas make great partners in life, I have hoped for Filipino dating as well. Well, so I went there and here is my story.

When I first landed in the small country, I have quickly noticed the beautiful women around. Filipinas are very beautiful. They are poised and full of grace. They exude this radiance that got me attracted to them. But then again it was just a stop. I am off to Boracay Island so I needed to hop on a boat or a Bangka as they call it there. And so I did. After a couple of hours, there it is – the finest white sand beach that I have ever seen. So I went down, checked in the hotel and rested for a while. Then I felt hungry so I decided to explore the place. I had a lot of fun just looking at the Filipinas, really. But what caught my eye is the girl who was selling barbeque. So I approached her. Surprisingly, she speaks great English and we were able to eliminate the language barrier that I thought would be a problem between us.

I ate my lunch there and we had a nice conversation. I found out that the barbeque stand was her day job and she was a fire dancer during the night. I didn’t notice the time! Indeed, time flies fast when you are having fun. I liked her that instance. Being able to carry an intelligent conversation was something that is very important to me – and she was able to do so, really well. So I asked her out to dinner. She said yes and that we can meet at the place of her barbeque stand at 8pm, I think.

I am dating a pinay! I have a date, so I thought. I then cancelled my diving trip that day as I got so excited to see her again. 8pm came and I saw her from afar. She was wearing her fire dancing costume and told me to wait a while. I saw her perform and I got mesmerized! She dances gracefully and she was really hot! I waited for her to finish her routine and I enjoyed so much. The rest, well, is history.

I learned so many things about her that day. She is working to send her younger siblings to school as her parents are already old. I ask why her parents are not in a home and I was impressed with her reply. She said that her parents took care of her since she was a kid, when she had nothing and when she wasn’t able yet. So she doesn’t see the point in putting them in a home now that they cannot support themselves anymore. I admired her for it. Dating a Filipina is just so awesome. I fell for her quickly. I extended my stay in the Philippines.

I dated this Filipina when I went there for a vacation. I had so much fun and I felt so loved. I never thought that I will be this happy. We spent so much time together and I just fell for her more. And then I asked for her hand in marriage – she said yes. So I once dated a Filipina and now she is my wife. I have never been so glad and I could never ask for anything more. This is my story, and I hope to inspire you all.

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