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Filipina Dating Scams – Make sure She’s a Girl!

Filipina Dating Scams – Make sure She’s a Girl!

If my title got you thinking “of course, she’s a girl-I am interested in dating Pinays, not Pinoys” then believe me my friend, you need to know this. First, I shall insert a little disclaimer here-I have nothing personal against gays or homosexuals or those with different sexual preference- That being said, let’s go back to the whole point of this post – dating Filipina WOMEN.

The Philippines is an amazing place with amazing people and beautiful people (both men and women). Yes, you heard me right; there are some very, very beautiful ‘men’ out there. Believe it or not, they can even be more beautiful than the ladies! Ok, I know that many throughout the world undergo plastic  surgery to get the look they want but the amazing thing with the ‘gays’ in the Philippines is they actually didn’t go through any surgery-they are in fact, how to put this? Naturally beautiful !

Now, this can present a little bit of a problem if you are new to this situation and are interested in dating a nice Filipina lady. Unless you want to find yourself falling in love with someone who is not what you expect (gender wise) you’d better clarify from the start. And I am dead serious about the importance of this folks-looks, everything you think you knew a ‘woman’ to be can be mimicked by these with a ‘different sexual preference’.

Now, to illustrate how easy one can be ‘deceived’ I will relate an experience I have had multiple times in the Philippines. It may be in a bank, some restaurant or even on the street and I see this gorgeous lady who has such a sexy walk, long black straight hair, great body- you know, someone you’d love to date. So, I watch her closely. Anyway, she walks to the counter and she/he makes a mistake of speaking. I try and check if the deep, husky voice I heard may possibly be from someone else but alas! It is from that ‘sexy lady’! In disbelief, I ask someone if “you know is she a ‘he”? and they can’t help but laugh for they know I am one of the many who has been ‘fooled’.

The thing is, it is not always that you have a ‘voice’ to save you. If you are ‘unlucky’ you just might find yourself on a date which you can’t believe is happening considering her beauty and all. Don’t ask me how you will find out coz I don’t wanna know.

Ok, now that you seriously doubt my facts here, I’ll share a little insight how you can make sure that you date ‘real’ Filipina women.

One of the things to remember is this: an average Filipina isn’t tall with great posture and body. They’re petite and normally walk ‘normal’. So if some chick passes you by and strikes you as being ‘unusually tall’ or something like that-time for you to double check.

Another give away is the make-up. Filipina working women may wear make-up but only because they are required to. On day-to-day errands, Filipinas are rather simple both when it comes to make-up and fashion. Again, if she seems so sophisticated fashion-wise and is wearing complete make-up on what seems to be a simple errand-you have another red flag.

So there you have it and again, it’s not that I have anything against these ‘ladies’ if anything, they are pretty amazing considering how they can carry themselves and all. It’s just that for someone who isn’t aware, such misconception can be disastrous.

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