Filipina Dating: Things to do

Filipina Dating Things to do

Filipina dating  entails a lot of time spent outside her house. Like many cultures, you would want to spend as much time as you can with your date. It would allow you not only to get to know her more, but spend time with her without the prying eye of her family members and friends. Here is an example list of things to do when dating a Filipina.

We are pretty close to our friends and families and sometimes, spending a day in her house means all eyes are on you. It can be a bit awkward. You would feel very self conscious. This is why your date out is a very important part of the dating process. Unlike most cultures, the dating process could mean two things; one – you are currently trying to win her heart; or two – you are in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. Whichever status you are in, your date out is an opportunity for an activity made for just the two of you (minus the family and friends that is).

What are some activities you can do during Filipina dating? Here’s a list of romantic things you can do that would surely sweep her off her feet. If you are currently winning her heart, these activities are sure knockouts that would ensure you get to the next level.

1. Long walks. Especially if she lives in the city, long walks to places with loads of greenery are considered beautiful and romantic. Filipinos are very practical. They do not like wasting money too much. Simple long walks are considered romantic for us, especially when done in the right way and time. Long walks are best during the afternoons, when the sun is almost setting (most popularly at Manila Bay). You can hold hands while walking. Just your companionship would be enough for most Filipinas.

2. Movies.  The movie theatre is a popular spot for  Filipina dating. Filipinos love watching movies. Do not be worried about watching Filipino movies. While a lot of Filipinos love our own movies, we love foreign movies as well. Ask her about what type of movie she likes. While many women love chick flicks, the highest grossing movies in the Philippines are usually in the action and fantasy genre. Comedy is also a good choice.

3. Karaoke. Filipinos love to sing. We even rent karaoke machines during birthday celebrations and sing until the chicken crows at dawn. There are many karaoke spots in the Philippines. You can find them at bars and malls. Bring her for a few hours of music. Do not expect her to belt out with a great voice though. Some Filipinos love singing, even without singing loving them back. To make the experience more fun, you should pick out a duet song.

4. Hanging Out at a Mall. Your Filipina dating might bring you to a mall. The mall is a common dating spot for many couples. Some people go to the mall without any particular item in mind to buy. You may go window-shopping with her. Filipinos love the mall especially since it feels breezy due to the air-conditioning. You may not buy things if you want, but do not forget to eat.

5. Going to the Beach. One of the best  Filipina dating  adventures is going to the beach. There are many beautiful beaches around the Philippines that you can visit. If you want the general experience, go to Boracay. The white sand beaches are especially appealing to many foreigners. Take long walks along the shore and have a lot of fun swimming.

6. Sightseeing. Besides beaches, there are many wonderful tourist attractions in the Philippines you can visit. If you dislike the beach, you may go to parks and zoos instead. You may also go on land and water adventures that some regions offer. Take the nearest park and bring some foods for a picnic.

7. Getting Pampered at a Spa. Most women like being pampered. There are many places to get massages in the Philippines, whether it’s a stand-alone store or a store at the mall. Get a pair massage for that bonding experience.

8. Romantic Dinner. One of the main aspects of Filipina dating is the romantic dinner. Romantic dinners are not common in the Philippines, so treating her to one would look very special to her. The more magical the dinner is, the more impressed she would be.

The thing about Filipina dating is that most Filipinas really like spending time with their date. If you make the date special and memorable, it would mean a lot to her. She would not only be impressed, but she would be convinced that you enjoy her company and love her a lot.

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