Filipino Dating: Impressing a Filipina

Impressing a Filipina

While the Filipino’s nowadays keeps up with the changes in the modern times, there are still a lot of traditional practices. In impressing a Filipina, you should have the knowledge of both the traditional and modern practices.

If you are in the dating stage where you are getting to know each other, this is the best time to give it your all to impress her. Filipinas like guys who give effort in doing things to impress her. Here are a few tips on how you totally snag her heart.

• Be a gentleman. Treat the lady with respect. Filipinos are dominantly Catholic and we follow the teachings of the church to abstain from sex before marriage. It applies to our Muslim brothers as well. It is very important that you do not force the lady to be touchy. Being a gentleman also entails that you take care of her. Filipino dating means that you take her out sometimes. During this time, get the car door or pull her chair for her. If you are fetching her from school or work, offer to help her with her things.

• Make friends with her family. For Filipinos, family is a major priority. They often say that in marriage, you do not only marry the person, but the family where he/she belongs to. It’s the same with Filipino dating. We often involve our family members, especially our parents, in the relationship. Filipinos often seek the guidance of elders when it comes to life decisions such as dating.

Because the family is a very important part of our being, if they approve of you, the girl would be impressed even better. Be respectful towards the family members older than you and make friends with her siblings. Part of being a gentleman is asking the parents for permission to date. Although you might be both in the right age to decide for yourself, you can still acknowledge the parent’s authority over you by asking if you can take her somewhere for a day trip or a date night. You may also provide important information such as the place you are going to and the time you will be bringing her home.

• Treat her to something special.  Filipino dating  is not at all materialistic like most people think, but women do like feeling special. It does not mean that you have to burn out resources by always bringing her flowers. Think of creative and romantic ways to make her feel special and loved. For instance, you can write her romantic letters or cards. You can send her a sweet text message each morning and each night. The more effort you give towards the act to make her feel special, the more appreciated it would be.

Filipinas usually like guys who are not afraid of expressing their feelings. For instance, it is a very romantic thing for a guy to declare his love towards her in front of a big crowd or do something romantic (but embarrassing) in front of people.

For Filipinas, this act signifies how serious you are about your love, and far you are willing to go in order to express it

• Do not assume it’s a yes. Part of the  Filipino dating  culture is getting to know each other. While you are dating, it does not automatically mean that you are in a romantic relationship. It might mean that she is testing you out to see if you are really serious about pursuing a relationship with her. Women are taught to be conservative and to hold back their feelings so they could find someone who truly loves them. If you get a “yes” to your love proposal, it should be a day to celebrate.

The  Filipino dating  culture is definitely interesting, isn’t it? You should really take your chances in impressing a Filipina during the earlier stages of the relationship because for her, it counts as something important. Do not forget though that you should still be yourself during this stage. Try to impress her using methods you know are uniquely yours.

Try to learn Filipino ways of romantically wooing a girl. Filipinos love it when someone makes the effort to learn about our culture in order to impress them. Good luck with dating!

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  1. I’ve been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 28 months and we are engaged. But she says I’m not a romantic type. How can I be more romantic. I’m Aussie and she’s a provincial Filipina

    1. I man should be romantic with his women. 28 months of not showing your romantic side. This is going to be hard for you. Sing to your girlfriend. Place rose petals in the bed. Whisper in her ear. Kiss her neck. caress her body. Brush her hair. cook for her, Open a bottle of sparkling wine to drink together. Chocolates. Then passionately make love to your woman.

  2. I’m also an Aussie Pershing a Filipina.
    Read the book ‘the 5 love languages’ by Gary Chapman
    You may speak some Filipino…but learn to speak to her heart. Know her love language and she will know you love her.

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