Dating Myths about Filipino Women

Dating Myths about Filipino Women

Common Myths about Filipino Women

Filipinas are extremely attractive to many foreigners around the world. They are not only beautiful, but they are kind and gentle. They have great devotion to their families too. They are seen as graceful beings with a lot of charm and inner beauty

Like many races across Asia,  Filipinas are often stereotyped with several traits. In this particular write-up, we go over the common myths about Filipino women, both good and bad. Take note that these myths do not apply to everybody. For some women they may be true. The important thing here is that we are debunking general views about all

1. Most Filipino women marry to get out of poverty. While the Philippines might be poverty-stricken and has a corrupted government, not all women are materialistic. Filipinas are not looking for rich guys. More than money, they are looking for men who are responsible and financially-stable – a person who is able to provide for his family because he has a good job. It is also important that the guy they want to marry has good values especially towards family. She may or may not ask you to help out her family members from time to time. The modern times has paved way for a more independent woman and most of the times, they are able to work and provide for their families on their own, without any financial support from a boyfriend or husband. If you happen to marry a Filipina, you would also notice that she is not aggressive or demanding, so she would not really ask you to buy this and that for her all the time

2. Most Filipino women want to marry to get a citizenship. While many Filipinas want to travel and visit other countries, there is no place like home. Can you imagine the sadness many Filipinos experience because they have to leave their families behind to work as an OFW? Filipinos, despite being all over the world, always say that they miss the Philippines a lot because this is a very warm-hearted country. Also, do not think that she would divorce you right after she gets a citizenship.

Families are important to us. They are considered our pride and joy. As a nation with such values, we feel ashamed even just to have quarrels with our spouses. That being said, it is not impossible to find a woman who is okay with divorce.

3. Filipino women are kind and hospitable towards foreigners; it should be easy to get them to marry me. While Filipinos in general do have a very hospitable nature, it does not mean that they would be easy to date or marry. There have been many cases of  Filipinas being abused by their husbands. Many of them are now wary of  marrying a foreigner. It will be easy to befriend them for sure

4. Because Filipino women can speak English, we would understand each other. Interracial dating/marriage will always have problems. Since you have differences in cultural values, disagreements would surely be present. Speaking the same language does not guarantee understanding each other completely. Two Japanese speaking fluent Tokyo Japanese dialect can get into a fight even though they perfectly understand each other’s language. Understanding goes beyond the language. It would surely be an advantage for communication though, as most Filipinos speak English well enough. Take note that this is not general though. While a lot of Filipinas may speak English, not all of them do.

5. I just have to impress the parents. While there is some truth to this, it is notentirely true. Getting the approval of family members for your relationship is important, but you are not marrying the family, but the girl. Think about getting your relationship in order with the girl before her family.

6. Filipino women are submissive. Filipinas are tolerant, but that doesn’t mean they are submissive. We value perseverance. Some people think this way because Filipino women are very traditional. For instance, they like doing housework so much. Since they have been taught that these domestic roles are for them to do, they would not whine doing laundry or cooking for you.

When you meet a Filipina woman, remember these myths. There are probably still a whole lot more. Just remember that dating takes courage, no matter what race you intend to date. If you are serious about interracial dating, you should be prepared to take risks. Filipinas have certain values and traits you need to know in order to understand her better.

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  1. I married a Filipina as did 4 of my friends. Each Filipina was materialistic & unfaithful. These women only care about their parental families. They will bankrupt you for their parents want. The whole time that you are married to them they seek other men to trade up financially. Bad culture and bad women.

  2. This is so far from the truth about Filipino women.

    I was married to a Filipina and I lived there for 6 years. Filipinas are devious, liars and cheats. They are hypocrites. They are as promiscuous as their men folk.

    I firmly support the Comment from Radman. What he says is 100 pct true.
    What I read elsewhere extolling the Filipinas is hogwash. These women are unscrupulously calculative and will drop you in a twinkling of an eye. They do it with full Narcissism and leave you without any qualms of conscience.

    It is a rotten culture. Beware readers!

    1. I am sorry you experienced that. I am also sorry that you would condemn an entire group of people based on the actions of one. Neither of these actions is fair.

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