Filipino Dating- PDA Rules

Filipino Dating- PDA Rules

Public displays of affection aka PDA is normal and acceptable in most places. The only big difference that one may notice is the levels and degrees of affection that are ‘allowed’ without getting unwanted stares and looks from other people. True, there are some people who really don’t care what the world thinks but such attitudes are really improper.

When it comes to Filipino dating, there is a totally different culture behind PDA. Although it can be safe to say that the levels of leniency in the matter have gone up (i.e more is ‘acceptable’ than it was), when compared with other cultures, Filipino PDA rules are still quite conservative. Although there are some issues that may have an impact on what is or what is not acceptable such as religious background, the rules are general.

Let’s start with holding hands. This is quite acceptable and many couples hold hands when walking etc. Of course, holding hands is reserved for girlfriends and boyfriends and it would be considered improper for a guy and girl who are ‘just friends’ to start holding hands. Practically, anyone you see who are holding hands are couples.

Kissing in public is a different story. In the Western cultures, people have become accustomed to seeing couples kiss in public, but Filipinos are rather sensitive in this regard. Sure, a quick kiss on the cheek or forehead before leaving each other’s company is acceptable but as for the torrid kissing- a lot of heads will turn with such displays of affection.

Hugging and cuddling in public are also common but it is expected that a few ‘stares’ will come your way if you go a little bit overboard. ‘Overboard’ including things like sitting on laps, clinging to each other like crazy and other ‘excessive’ cuddling.

The thing is there are some other ways that affection can be shown and Filipinos know this. It doesn’t have to be public, it can be private. It doesn’t have to be physical, it can be emotional. One cute thing you will find common among Filipino couples is the matching key chains, t-shirts, necklaces, rings and the like. I think these have more meaning than torrid kissing in public.

These basic PDA rules usually vary depending on where you live and are based mostly on what the community views as acceptable rather than some national law. For example, Filipinos in the ‘rural’ areas (up in the mountains or simply distant from the city) have far more conservative values and in some places even holding hands may be reserved for married couples. In the metropolitan areas though, a less restrictive culture has been formed.

Filipino culture in the area of PDA is not as restrictive as Korean culture where even married couples don’t show so much displays of affection. On the other hand, it isn’t as liberated as the U.S or Europe. In my opinion, it is just the right amount of affection that doesn’t scare you off as being too restrictive or for being too liberated.

The truth is, this culture is slowly but surely evolving into one that has fewer boundaries but thankfully, the process will take quite some time to complete. Filipino dating culture still incorporates the traditional values that have been lost in so many lands. It is a relief to be in a place where you don’t have to frown and think to yourself “how has the world become so liberated?” or “what has happened to the young generation”. Where you can actually look at the couples and admire their innocent displays of affection. I think the Filipinos ought to be congratulated on their decency in this regard.

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