Filipino Food: Authentic Food of the Philippines

Filipino Food: Authentic Food of the Philippines

The Philippines is a country that has mixed heritage. They have been colonized by the Spanish, taken over by the Japanese, the Americans, and even the Chinese. They also have Malay heritage before all the others came in the picture. This being said, when it comes to food there really is quite a variety. But then again, there are of course authentic Filipino food. If you want to know more about them, read on and get to know five of the favorite authentic Filipino food.

The fifth most favorite authentic Filipino food is Kaldereta. This is a stew that uses pork, goat or beef as its main protein. The base sauce of this dish is tomato sauce. There are many Filipino food recipes that offer varieties of this dish. There are some who add carrots and potatoes. There are others who add green peas. There are some who add liver pâté for a richer taste while there are people who don’t. When you are in the Philippines, make sure that you get to try Kaldereta and your visit will surely be memorable!

Fourth on this list is sinigang. Sinigang is a sour soup that uses tamarind as its main ingredient. As for the protein, there are many options too. The Filipinos love cooking and eating so they experimented on many varieties of this Filipino food as well. Protein can be fish, beef, shrimp, or pork. Most Filipinos will say that this soup is perfect during a cold, rainy weather.

The third favorite authentic Filipino food is Pancit Palabok. Pancit is the noodles of the Filipino people. Pancit Palabok uses rice flour noodles. IT is colored yellow as it is topped with crab sauce, shrimps, squid, veggies, sliced boiled eggs, and many others. There are people who add lemon juice too or calamansi (the Filipino people’s favorite citrus flavouring). Unlike the other Filipino food recipes on this list, Pancit Palabok is not eaten with rice – like most noodles, right?

On second place, the favorite authentic Filipino food is lechon. If you have visited the Philippines before, you surely are able to hear and even try what lechon is. Basically, lechon is a suckling pig that is roasted in coal – as a whole. In every major festivity in the Philippines, you will see lechon being served and surely you will see people that are very happy eating it.

And now, the number one favorite authentic Filipino food is… adobo. Wherever you may be, you most probably heard what adobo is. Filipinos all over the world love this dish. As a matter of fact, the Filipino people think of Adobo as their national dish. It is served with rice too like many other Filipino foods. The protein for this dish can either be chicken or pork. The sauce is made from vinegar and soy sauce with bay leaf, garlic and peppercorns. Much like any other Filipino food recipe, adobo has many variations as well. there are some who add potatoes in there while there are some who prefer to add chicken liver. No matter what the varieties may be, offer adobo to any Filipino and you will surely make them smile.

Filipinos, much like anyone else, loves to cook and eat. This is why there are many Filipino foods that have many different varieties. The resilience of the Filipinos is part of the reason why this is so. There were really hard times in the Philippines before and this is why they were able to come up with varieties to their authentic Filipino dishes that uses whatever protein and other ingredients are available to them.

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