Fun Facts About Philippine Travel & Tourism

Philippine tourism is on a roll, so to speak. As days go by, more and more people want to go and visit the country.

A Philippine vacation is on most people’s bucket list at any time of year. This is because of the many different kinds of places to visit and attractions to enjoy there. Plus, enjoying a vacation in the Philippines is never too expensive. Yes, there are 5-star hotels in the Philippines, but seldom are they too expensive and will not but a massive dent in your budget.

So if you are planning to go on a vacation in the Philippines, here are some fun facts that you should take with you.

  1. The Philippines is a tropical island that is consisted of 7,107 islands. This simply means one thing – there are plenty of beaches to visit and you can surely have fun in the sun. The Philippines, being an archipelago, is home to many different islands and therefore, beaches. There are beaches in the Philippines that have the finest white sand while there are some that have black. There is even a pink beach there as the sand in its shore is colored pink! This being said, if you are looking for beaches, then you should surely enjoy your travels.
  2. The Philippines is divided into three island groups. The biggest island of the Philippines is its first island group, Luzon. This is where the capital Manila is located. The summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio, is also found here. The mid area of the country is called the Visayas. It consists of small islands of various cultures and dialects that many people enjoy. The third island group is called Mindanao. Found at the southern tip of the country, this is where most of the Muslims of the country reside. 
  3. The Philippines is a small country but they are home to many ethnicities. This gives them a great variety of culture and heritage. The main reason behind this is the fact that the Philippines went through so many conquests throughout the years. This is why Filipinos are known to be a mix of Spanish, Chinese, Malay, and American.
  4. Filipino people are very religious. Most of them are Roman Catholic but there are some who are Muslims and there are many other religions there. When on a Philippine vacation, make sure to pay respect to this fact.
  5. Filipino people are known worldwide as people who are hospitable and very friendly. This being said, you should expect them to be all smiles when you visit their country. You will notice that they will be accommodating to answer any of your questions as well. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you are in the Philippines, you will not get lost.

When you are on your Philippine vacation, you should never worry because their second language is English. Therefore, no matter where in the country you will go, you will be able to find someone who can talk and understand English. Although not everyone can do so eloquently, you can still count on being able to communicate.

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