A beautiful Beach in Boracay

Philippine Travel: Boracay, best island in the Philippines.

Philippine Travel: Boracay, best island in the Philippines.


The Philippines has some of the best vacation travel spots in the world. One island in the country has been so popular, and is consistently thought of as being one of the best tourist spots in the world, this island is no other than Boracay. Filipinos travel from all over the country and world to spend the sunny days there, alongside tourists who also find the place very attractive and enjoyable.

I know that Boracay has several international awards (all of which I could not
enumerate), but as seen on the Travel+Leisure magazine and website as of 2012, the
island is recognized as the one of the best in the world. That recognition alone is sufficient enough to attract tourists from around the world. It mentions not just the island itself but the wonderful beaches that surround it.

Boracay can be reached from major regions in the country by air or sea. Riding a
plane is the fastest way to reach the island (it just takes about an hour),.But even after your short plane ride,  a ferry will have to be used to take you to the island.

Alternatively, riding a ship will give the passenger a nice view of the other islands
of the Philippine archipelago while the ship moves steadily through the waters, and
you will not have to worry about fear of heights. Anyway, if you decided to enjoy the
waters in the island, why not just remain just above the seas on a ship while traveling toBoracay?

The main attraction in the island is the beach. After landing to Boracay by either
plane or ship, the beaches are still a distance away. There are a lot of land vehicles,
most commonly tricycles (in the Philippines, they are an official method of transport
utilizing modified motorcycles attached to covered sidecar), which can be used to reachmost places in Boracay.

Because the peak travel season in Boracay is during the sunny (months from
December to May) season in the country, going there during off-peak, rainy season willsave you a considerable percentage of your budget for a vacation to Boracay. I havenever known yet any Filipino who was so excited in going to Boracay during June toNovember. If you check travel sites on the Internet about going to Boracay during therainy season, you will see big discounts, even saving more than half of the usual fare for riding a plane or ship to Boracay.

When I hear the word Boracay, I immediately think of “the island with sandy
beaches with clear water and lots of trees”. It is those beautiful beaches that makes this island one of the top Philippine travel destinations in the country.

The usual thing that people who go to Boracay is to stay beside the beaches,
and oftentimes swim in warm, shallow waters. If someone wants to experience deep diving, that is also available.

The main destination when it comes to the beaches is the “White Beach”,
characterized by having very soft, white sand that is about 4 kilometers long. The sand
is as soft as powder, so playing in the sand itself is already a very enjoyable experience.

Before you end a day in Boracay, there are just many restaurants, spas and
hotels waiting for you to be served.

Because Boracay is a famous Philippine travel destination, I don’t want to forget about souvenirs that you can spend your money on.
They have no specialties, typical tropical beach items and knick knacks.

Here are some common items that anyone can buy before leaving the island.

• Clothing – These are some of the most in-demand items, especially T-shirts
boasting printed designs that represent Boracay and its highlights. Anyone who
recently left Boracay and sees the shirt would recall good times.
• Keychains – These are made of wood and stone, and attached to metal chains.
These are not just what you can buy in markets or malls.
• Woodcrafts – The island has plenty of natural resources, not to mention the
supply of quality wood. They have wood products of every size and shape
available. To name a few, there are bags, guitars, necklaces, bracelets, and fans.
• Shells & Stones – Beaches have a lot of shells, and Boracay is one of them.
From small cute pieces to single large magnificent shells, they have a large
collection of these items. Shells may be further decorated with stones to become even more elegant.

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