Philippine Travel: Hidden Vacation Spots


Philippine Travel: Hidden Vacation Spots in the Philippines

While there are many popular vacation spots in the Philippines, there are still many that only a few people have discovered. If you want to go on a Philippine vacation, but hate to the bump against a crowd, here are a few destinations you might be interested in.

1.    Catanduanes

The Bicol region is famous for its Mayon Volcano in Albay. Catanduanes might be a less popular Philippine vacation spot in the area, but it can definitely keep up with the beautiful scenery that Albay has to offer. Pristine waters in the island attract the tourists the most. It has a very calming and relaxing effect to people. If you want to go a bit adventurous, you can go diving, snorkelling and even surfing!

2.    Saranggani

Saranggani has very beautiful white beaches and clear waters. Besides these, you can find a lot of mountain sceneries. This is perfect for those seeking communion with nature or simply someone who wants to see beautiful sceneries. It produces a very beautiful sunset that is truly romantic-looking.

3.    Antique

Antique is one of the provinces in the Visayan region. Antique has preserved the settlements of our ancestors before the colonizers conquered the country. It is often ignored as a Philippine vacation spot because of Boracay, its nearby neighbour. However, this island has very beautiful waters, perfect for water adventures such as kayaking. It also has Mt. Madia-as, a mountain said to be the home to the ancient gods.

4.    Siquijor

Another island in the Visayan region you should not miss is Siquijor. This island is popularly called Isla del Fuego or Island of Fire for its association with the supernatural elements. This island is where magic and fantasy occur. While it is a remarkable place to admire for its white sand beaches and sea animal life, most tourists come here on a Philippine vacation adventure hoping to encounter something beyond the limits of science.

5.    Romblon

Romblon is the biggest producer of the finest marble in the country (we also export this). It is most popular for Mt. Guiting-guiting, a mountain of 2058 meters. Many mountain climbers say that it is a real challenge to climb this beautiful mountain. Because it is less popular than many tourist spots in the Philippines, it still has undisturbed animal life and pristine waters.

6.    South Cotabato

South Cotabato is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines in the South. What is great about the island is that it has preserved the ancient traditions of the T’Boli tribe. Even with modern technology, the T’Boli tribe continue to live in the traditional ways that their ancestors has taught them. Three mountains and seven waterfalls comprise the island. It would truly be a long adventure to see all these places. The T’Boli tribe also has lively dances as well as beautiful woven clotht’nalak, which they sell to tourists.

7.    Aurora

The capital of Aurora, Baler, is the home of the second president of the Philippines, Manuel Quezon. A series of mountains called Sierra Madre can be seen in the west side of the province. While beaches are quite the attraction because of their beauty, most tourists visit the ancestral property of the Quezons.

8.    Zambales

Fishing fanatics would surely love Zambales’ fishing village in Pundaquit, San Antonio. Besides fishing, you can also go to the beach to swim and surf. This Philippine vacation spot is also famous for tourists because these beaches serves as backdrops for famous teleseryes (soap operas) in the Philippines because of its beauty and serenity.

9.    Camarines Sur

You have to go to Caramoan Peninsula soon. It is becoming more and more popular with tourists these days because of its breath-taking scenery. Island hopping is one of the most famous activities while you are in Caramoan. You can also go for a nature trip and do bird-watching in the National Park. You may also try exploring the wonderful caves if you like rock climbing.

10. Davao Oriental

Davao is like the Manila of the Mindanao islands, except that it’s a whole lot cleaner. Pusan point in Davao Oriental was named the Sunrise Capital of the Philippines because it is the point where the sun hits the earliest. It is a truly wonderful experience to see the sunrise in this province, along with the bonsai forest at Mt. Hamiguitan, beautiful islands, and waterfalls.

If you are out to find really beautiful scenery without the frustrating crowd, you should definitely check out these Philippine vacation spots the next time you land in the country. They will not only provide you with beautiful escapes, but I am sure that the people would also treat you with warmth and hospitality.

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