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Going on Vacation in the City

If you are going for a Philippine travel but not a vacation, it is no excuse to not go sightseeing. Even if you arrive in the city where it is busy and lively, there are still many places to visit as a tourist.

For people going to the Philippines for business, you would usually land in the capital, Metro Manila. Although a big and busy city, Manila still has many things to offer such as great scenes and delicious food. Here are a few of top tourist spots in the city.

1. Manila BayManila Bay is not only a top place to visit for your Philippine travel, but many Filipinos long to come to this place too for its very romantic feel. The Manila Bay sunset is famous for being breath-taking. You may also take a dinner cruise.

2. Mall of Asia

The SM Mall of Asia is called such because it is the largest mall in Asia. It houses hundreds of boutiques and stalls. It also has a big arena for concerts and a convention center for gatherings. If you want a great mall experience, MOA as it is popularly called should definitely be on your list.

3. Rizal Park

Rizal Park is a historical attraction for people on a  Philippine travel. It is named after our national hero, Jose Rizal. Besides the educational tour, there are a lot of things you can do in the park. Visit the Butterfly Pavilion, Chess Plaza, Japanese and Chinese gardens, and the Orchidarium. If you want to hang out for a picnic, you simply have to bring your picnic goodies and a blanket and sit anywhere in the park.

4.  Chinatown

Manila is home to the biggest Chinatown in the Philippines in Binondo. Find rare Chinese items such as porcelain vases and herbal medicine. Chinatown is also famous for delicious Chinese food. People usually buy  siopao,  a flour bun with a meat filling inside. It is also famous for tikoy, a Chinese New Year cake.

5. Manila Ocean Park

If you feel like seeing marine animal life during your Philippine travel, your best bet would be Manila Ocean Park. They have a wide array of aquatic animals you can see. Besides this, they also have great food and souvenir stalls. This is best visited with kids and other family

6. Manila Cathedral

For those seeking religious communion and a bit of history lesson too, you may want to check this old church in Manila. It has been around since the 16th century

7. Intramuros

While you are seeking historical education, you may want to visit Intramuros too. It was once called the “walled city”. You can see sixteenth century architectural designs, as well as old statues and monuments. It is the oldest district in Manila so it will be like living in the Spanish colonization era.

8. Star City

If you want to go to the nearest amusement park, you should go to Star City. This is one of the most popular amusement parks in the Philppines. It is relatively cheaper than the other amusement parks too. If your Philippine travel does not fall during the holiday seasons, you will find yourself in a less crowded amusement park.

9. Manila Zoo

Manila zoo may not be the best zoo in the world, but there are still some pretty interesting animals living in the zoo. It is the oldest zoo in Asia so you may expect to find some rare

10. Divisoria

If you want to shop without having to spend an arm and leg for it during your  Philippine travel, your best bet would be to hit the  divisoria. Many Filipinos shop here because you can find the lowest prices here. You would find bargains and wholesale deals. You can even haggle at some point to get the best price for an item. Just be careful about your personal belongings. Divisoria is infamous for snatchers.

Manila is the busiest city in the country. With its fast-paced life, you will never run out of things to do here during your Philippine travel. Be sure to check out these places the next time you are in the city for a business trip. It would surely take away the stress and you might discover something beautiful about our country.

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