Philippine Travel: Touring the Philippines: Hiking and Trekking

Philippine Travel: Touring the Philippines: Hiking and Trekking


Philippine tourism is rich. As small as a country the Philippines is, it is home to many different tourist destinations and activities that the people of the world love. This is the main reason why many people make way for a Philippine vacation. When it comes to Philippine travel, there are really lots of things in store for anyone and everyone that visits the county. This is why many people love visiting the Philippines. And I am proud to say that I am one of those many people who so love Philippine tourism.

The Philippines is home to many water bodies as it is an archipelago. However, there are also quite a lot of mountains that trekkers and hikers will enjoy. Therefore, when you are visiting the Philippines for your vacation, don’t forget to check out these wonderful hiking and trekking spots that will surely beef up your Philippine travel experience.

If you are into hiking and trekking, you can spend your entire Philippine vacation doing so. This is because of the many wonderful hiking and trekking spots that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are a beginner or have been doing it all your life, you will enjoy your vacation as there are many mountains to choose from in the Philippines.

If you are a beginner, be sure to include Mt. Makulot in your travel list. This mountain is a known hiking and trekking site for beginners. Mt. Makulot can be found in the town of Cuenca in the Batangas province. It has a peak of 800 meters high. This is known to be a beginner’s mountain, hence it is a level 1 mountain. Also, many people consider this as a religious spot as you can find a grotto of the Virgin Mary as well as the fourteen Stations of the Cross there. This is among the most visited places in the Philippines during the holy week. Many people love hiking and trekking in Mt. Makulot because of the breathtaking view it gives at its peak. When you reach the peak, you can see an awesome view of the Taal Lake at one side and Rockies on another. Indeed, Mt. Makulot should be on your list for hiking and trekking sites to visit on your Philippine vacation.

When you are looking for a more “enchanted” hike, you should definitely include in your intinery mounts Banahaw and Cristobal. Both these two mountains are said to be enchanted. There are certain creatures that are said to be seen here which are said to be the reason why there are people who tend to get lost. Elders say that there is a “diwata” (which means fairy in Filipino) guarding the mountains. Therefore, when the hikers and trekkers do something bad on the mountains, they are said to be punished by the diwata guarding the place. Mt. Banahaw is a very huge hiking and trekking site. It would take 3 days for you to hike the entire mountain. At the peak of both Mt. Banahaw and Cristobal, you will get to see the 7 lakes of San Pablo City in Laguna. Indeed, these twin mountains should be part of your Philippine travel agenda.

If you want to trek and hike to see the crater of a volcano, the Philippines will give you plenty of options as well. The most famous trekking and hiking volcano is Mt. Pinatubo. This is found in the northern part of Luzon in Pampangga. A little over 15 years ago, Mt. Pinatubo erupted wildly, and its ash reached almost the entire country. Now, Mt. Pinatubo is a great hiking and trekking site. If you need guides, there are Philippine travel guides in these areas, there are natives that will take the job willingly. These natives are called Aetas. They will take you to the different spots that you will definitely enjoy such as falls, caves, and the like. But Mt. Pinatubo is not the only volcano you can trek and hike in your Philippine travel.

Another volcano to visit during your travels is Mt. Mayon in the Bicol region. This is the volcano that has the perfect cone shape and this is the reason why many people choose to visit Mt. Mayon during their hiking and trekking Philippine vacation.

Long story cut short, there are so many different hiking and trekking sites that you can go to during your Philippine travel. From the northernmost part of the country to the south, you will surely be able to enjoy your Philippine vacation with the vast mountains and volcanoes that you can hike and trek.

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