Philippine Vacation: Top Philippine Destinations for the Summer

Philippine Vacation: Top Philippine Destinations for the Summer


The summer season is when a Philippine vacation is the best. There are many spots to visit in the Philippines all year round, but for some reason, everything becomes more beautiful and alive with the arrival of this season.

The summer season usually begins at the end of March, when most schools are preparing for graduations and moving-up ceremonies. It lasts till the end of May or the first two weeks of June. You should really take this  time to get a  Philippine vacation  because the other months are included in the wet season. The wet season in the Philippines is quite horrible.

With the global warming affecting the whole world during the last decade, the weather has been really bad during the wet season. It is not a great time to visit the Philippines, especially since you are not sure whether the country would be hit by a storm.

There are many places you can visit during your summer Philippine vacation, but here is a list of the most popular ones for this particular season.


Boracay used to take the number one spot for travel destination in the Philippines, but the beautiful sights in Palawan are just breath-taking. With more endorsements, it managed to be one of the most popular travel destinations around the world.

Palawan offers a lot of things. Besides the rich landscapes and the great beaches, you can go cave diving or exploring. The underground river is one of the seven wonders of the world. You can go swimming, diving, snorkeling or even island-hopping.


Of course, still one of the most popular Philippine vacation spots is Boracay. The scenery is just divine. People mostly enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches. They enjoy it so much that it has been one of tourist spots that are most likely to be visited by tourists over and over again


Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines. Unlike most islands in the Philippines (we have 7, 100+), Baguio has the highest elevation. Because it is close to the atmosphere, it is usually cold. If you come from a country with four seasons, this might not be new to you, though. It’s not just the cold that would bring you to Baguio. There are many tourist spots, and the different tribes of Northern Luzon showcase many of their wonderful products such as wood-carving, woven cloth and native accessories.

While Baguio is a city, it is one of the cleanest and greenest in the country, and has in fact, very little commercial infrastructure compared to the ones in Manila. Besides the souvenirs, it is great to go on a picnic at the various parks in this city.


Yet again another elevated city (lower than Baguio though), Tagaytay is a very famous place for tourists because of the variety of foods it offers. There are many restaurants to visit in Tagaytay. It is usually a popular spot for teams for their team-building activities.

There are also many retreat houses in Tagaytay so if you are looking for a place to meditate or renew your faith in God, this is a great place. Tagaytay is livelier during the night. There are many bars that offer flavorful food and drinks. Besides these food trips, you can also go sight-seeing. From the picnic grove, you can see the view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake.

Chocolate Hills

The best time to visit the famous Chocolate Hills is during the summer. Not only does Bohol have these hills, but they have cute tarsiers as well. Tarsiers are local animals that looks like a koala, but they are brown in color and they are relatively smaller. In fact, they are the second smallest primate in the world! There are also many beaches to see in Bohol, as well as some caves and forests.


Further to the north, you would find Ilocos, one of the last surviving old cities in the country. If you intend to go on an art appreciation tour during your  Philippine vacation, Ilocos is a great place to go. Here you would see ancestral houses that date as far back as the Spanish period. There are also a lot of amazing beaches in Ilocos. Another great attraction is Bangui where they have the most amazing windmills that are used for wind power collection.


Camiguin may be the second smallest province in the country, but it definitely is not the least of tourist spots. The island is made out of volcanic eruptions, and is famous for its pristine waters. Many people go here for a swim in either hot or cold springs. Besides exploring the wonderful nature, you may also do scuba diving and snorkeling.

These are my top picks for your summer  Philippine vacation. Of course, there are plenty more places you can visit during the summer in the Philippines. As an archipelagic country, we have beaches everywhere if you intend to cool down with a swim. Do not forget to bring lots of sun protection while you’re here because the heat can get pretty intense. Happy trip!

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