Pinays: The Famous

Pinays: The Famous

The Philippines is a country that is made up of 7,107 islands. As tiny as a country the Philippines is, it has a population of 95 million. Indeed, there are many Pinoys (Filipino men) and Pinays (Filipina or Filipino women) that are meant to be successful around the world. I have decided to write about the famous Pinoys and Pinays as they deserve all the credit for their hard work. Well, if you are in the Philippines, you will surely be able to get to know more. But for now, this list of the famous Pinoys and Pinays will do.

As of now, probably the most famous Pinoy would be Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. For years, Manny was able to dominate the world of boxing defeating many great boxers from all over the world. This is why he Is called the Philippines’ “pambansang kamao” which means “national fist”. He was able to get 8 different world championship titles and he was the first to do so. With all these wins, Manny Pacquiao was known to have helped the economy of the Philippines. The sad thing is Manny lost his last 2 fights. He lost to Timothy Bradley via split decision, which many people say he did win. But the devastating loss was his last fight with Juan Manual Marquez, where he got knocked out really bad.

There are also quite a lot of Pinoy scientists that are famous all over the world. First, there is Gregorio Zara who is known for inventing around 30 different aircraft equipment and devices. He was the one who invented the videophone. This is why he was awarded the Cultural Heritage Award in Aero Engineering as well as in Science Education. Edgardo Vazquez, on the other hand, is known for discovering the Vazbuilt modular housing and fencing technology which is now used in homes to make them typhoon, fire, termite, and earthquake resistant. Now this is what we call a genius discovery, huh.

Pinoys and Pinays are very much music lovers. They love singing and the performing arts as well. This is one reason why the Philippines is a happy nation. This is why Robert del Rosario is famous. He loved singing and music so much that he invented the Sing along system or the Karaoke, piano keyboard stressing device, and many others.

Pinays are very much into beauty pageants. They pride themselves for having both beauty and poise. Here are the famous beauty queens of the Philippines: Gloria Diaz is the first Pinay to win the Miss Universe crown. She won the crown way back 1969. Then, in 1973 the Philippines won the pageant again by Margarita Moran. Fast forward to the future, Pinays have been making names in the Miss Universe pageants as well. Last 2010, Venus Raj was 4th runner up. In 2011, Shamcey Supsup got the 3rd runner up crown. In 2012 , the Philippines got close to winning the coveted crown as Janin Tugonon got the 1st runner up spot.

In the world of fashion, there are popular Pinoys and Pinays as well. There we have Monique Lhuillier, who is one of the top Hollywood fashion designers. Josie Natori is half Filipino as well. Now that we are in the Hollywood scene, we might as well include the famous Filipinos in Hollywood. This long list includes Pinoy Lou Diamond Phillips, Rob Schneider, and Reggie Lee. Famous Pinays in the Hollywood includes Tia Cerere, Phoebe Cates, Vanessa and Stella Hudgens, and many more. Pinoys and Pinays are known in the world of theatre as well. Here we have Pinoy Paolo Montalban, who appreared as the Prince in one Cinderella adaptation that also stars singers Brandy and comedienne Whoopi Goldberg.

Lea Salongga, who rose to fame when she played “Kim” in Miss Saigon, is also 100% Pinay. There are many Pinoys and Pinays around the world. They are all there to bring pride to their home country, the Philippines. Indeed, they are able to do the most wonderful job as they are able to represent themselves and the Philippines in their shining glory.

This is just a small sample of famous Pinoys and Pinays. But as you can see, everywhere you look, there they are.

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