Where to Date Filipinas

Where to Date Filipinas

When you visit the Philippines to date Filipinas, you may get confused with so many different places to go. This being said, it is important that you have a checklist of the best places where to take your Filipina girl. This way, you can make sure that you will enjoy Filipino dating at its finest. Well, just read on and see the best places in the Philippines to go on dates.

Filipinas love the beach

The Philippines is a tropical place and the ladies love it. This is why on the top of this list is the world renowned white beach of the Boracay Islands. If you go here, you will notice many foreigners that are dating. This is because Boracay is a prime spot to enjoy dating. In the morning, you can enjoy many activities with your lady love. Of course, you can take a romantic stroll along the 4 kilometres of Boracay shoreline. When the Filipina you are with are more adventurous, you can take them parasailing and helmet diving as well. You can hire ATVs (all terrain vehicles) to tour the island too. Maybe you can take her to the next level by racing with the girl you are with. During the evening, you can party nonstop as the shoreline of Boracay is filled with many different bars that offer many great things.

You can bring your date to a more silent and secluded spot but quite thrilling as well such as Panglao Island of Bohol.  Here, you can get to experience the finest white sand beaches where you and your date can relax and bond with each other. You can engage in many activities too. However, when you are in Panglao Island, you can expect that you will not have to endure the noise and the party crowd of the Boracay Islands. Indeed, this is a place that you will surely enjoy visiting with your Filipina.

If you and your girl are more thrill seekers than most, you can always bring her to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Pagudpud is known to be one of the best surfing places in the Philippines. Here, you will be able to enjoy the nature and the adventures with your Filipina date. There are many different places that can accommodate you guys as well. The best thing about Pagudpud beaches is that they are surrounded by mountains, valleys, and hills. This being said, you are sure to be able to get the quality time with your Filipino girl.

If you do not want to go far from Manila

there are still many places where you go. There are many different restaurants to choose from. There are many sights and sounds too. If you are into history, you can always visit Intramuros, the walled city. You will get to see 16th century walls and architecture that will really astound you and your date. There are many places to go to inside Intramuros too. Here, you can enjoy the quiet and the silence of the metro so you and your lady love can spend time talking and getting close.

If your Filipina date is into hiking and trekking, you can bring your Filipina dating in Anawangin Cove in Zambales. There are two ways to go to this hidden paradise – you can take a 2 hour pump boat ride or hike and trek for about an hour. Either way, you can surely be able to enjoy the bonding moment with the Filipinas you are with. When you get to the cove, you will enjoy a beach that is untouched – no buildings and electricity yet. It will be just you and your lady love under the pine trees in front of the sea.

There are many places where you can take Filipina dating to the next level. However, always remember that the Filipinas are conservative in nature. They are naturally lady like as they are hospitable and all smiles. This being said, it is very important that you are at your most gentlemen like action at all times when you are with them. Sure enough, you will be able to enjoy dating at its finest.

Love and Dating – The Filipina Way

Love and Dating – The Filipina Way

There are many dating sites out there. Most of these dating sites showcase Filipina beauties, but why? Why are there so many men looking to find the Filipinas that they can date and even marry? What are men going loco for in Filipinas and Filipina dating? There are many reasons why. But then again, there are general answers these questions. Well, simply put, I have gathered what to me are the main reasons why there are men all over the world looking for Filipina dating and even marriage. You ready?

Before having to answer these questions, you must first answer – what do men look for in a girl? Generally, men like someone who will take care of them. Admit it or not, men are known to be big little boys. Meaning to say, no matter how big and strong they are there is still a huge part of them that are little boys. This is why men love women who will take care of them. Of course women will like this too. But when it comes to the caring department, the Filipinas are more on the caring side than being on the cared for side. When their man is sick, they will take time off to help them feel better. They will cook for them and make them eat their veggies too. In psychology, we are taught that men unconsciously look for women that resemble how their mom is. Unconsciously, men look for women who will take care of them like their mom did. Well, this is something that Filipina women are known all over the world for. They are motherly. Whether they are still a girlfriend or already their wives, Filipinas will naturally be motherly to you. And this is one trait that men all over the world love about the Filipino women.

Next up – men like women who can stand up on their own and not needy but at the same time will make them feel superior and never emasculate them. This is rare, actually. Not a lot of women can be both independent and make their men feel superior. But then again, Filipinas are. This comes to them naturally. The thing is that Filipinas are very traditional. They take to heart the fact that the men should take the lead in a relationship. They grow up looking for the men that will depend on making decision for their future family. But this doesn’t stop them from reaching their dreams. If they have dreamed to be a business woman, then they will be a business woman. If they dreamed to be an airplane pilot, then they will do their best to be an airplane pilot. But in love and dating, they will be the submissive ones. They will make sure that their men will lead and that they will be the ones to keep the family together while they do that. This is how Filipinas are. This is why there plenty of men that are looking to be into Filipina dating and marriage.

Technically, we date because we are in search for the person who we will be spending our lives with. Around the world, Filipina dating is known to be one of the best. Filipina women are conservative and traditional, this is true. This is why they grow up training to be great wives. They are loyal and faithful and god fearing as well. These are but some traits that men really love about Filipinas and this is why there are more and more men are Filipina dating – and marrying – these days.

Filipina Dating – On Dating a Filipina

On Dating a Filipina


Filipinas are among the women who are most desired by many men. This is because of many reasons, and I personally agree with the many Indeed, Filipina dating is all around the world. More and more men from all over the globe are looking for Filipinas for different reasons. But most people say that Filipina dating is the best compared to dating women of other nations. So are there things that one should not forget when they are dating a Filipina? Of course, there are. Read on and out the things that you should always remember when dating Filipinas.

First of all, Filipinas, much like any women around the world, love men that are groomed well and value good hygiene. Of course, whether you are dating or not, it is very important that you go out properly groomed at all times. It is important that you do not have dirty fingernails or smelly odor. Whether you are going out or not, it is always an important thing that you choose clothing that are clean and proper. It is likewise very important that you are tidy. Although this is something that every woman in the world looks for in a man, the Filipinas are very strict when it comes to these things. You are lucky if the Filipina that you are dating will be willing to clean you up. But then again, this is something that should be a priority of everyone – men and women alike.

To Filipinas, family is very important

This is why when dating a Filipina, always keep in mind that you do not ever insult any person or anything about her Family. The thing is that Filipinas are very family oriented, so are the Filipinos. But in the Filipino culture, family is very important. In fact, when you are involved with a Filipina and the family of the girl dislikes you, you will have just a slim chance of getting that second date. This is how important the family is to them. Therefore, if you make a mistake of insulting anything related to the Filipinas’ family, then you are in danger as well. As a matter of fact, it is very important that you get close to their. In the Philippine culture, the men actually have to woo the parents (and sometimes even the whole family) of the girl so she will go out with him. You might need to do this, too. Therefore, if you are looking to date a Filipina, then it is very important that you remember this.

In the olden times, women were looked at a lot lower than men. For many years, Filipinas were looked at someone who will just breed and take care of the house. This is not the case now. Filipinas love men who see them as an equal. This is why when dating a Filipina, it is very important that you treat your dates as an equal. Of course, it is still a good thing to be sweet to them and all. But you should never think that they cannot do something that you can. Filipinas love a good challenge. Therefore, always look at them as someone who can do anything that you can.

Filipinas are conservative. They are old fashioned but they are modernized in their own way too. The thing is that it isn’t hard to make them laugh. And once a Filipina laughs at your corniest jokes, it means that you are on the right track. When you are dating, remember these things and you will certainly get good scores in the Filipina dating game.

Filipina Dating: Love and Dating

On Dating a Filipina

Around the world, men are always looking for Filipina dating. Why is this so? Why are Filipinas so much in demand when it comes to dating and love? Only the men who have been with Filipinas can answer that. Only the men who have been Filipina dating can give a solid and proven answer to that. Well, if you want to know more about dating a Filipina, read on and get to know why there are lots of men going loco over Filipinas and dating.

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Filipina Dating What matters Most?

Filipina Dating What matters Most?

Young lady hailing a trike in the Philippines

Filipina dating is as unique as the people. To an outsider, it may even strike one as being ‘weird’ or ‘hard to understand’ but once you get into the minds and hearts of both the men and women in the relationship, you will better understand why things are the way they are.  The bottom line is what matters most.

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Filipina Dating: I once dated a Filipina

Filipina Dating: I once dated a Filipina

A couple of years back, I visited the Philippines for a vacation. I heard that they have the most beautiful beaches there. Since it is known around the world that Filipinas make great partners in life, I have hoped for Filipino dating as well. Well, so I went there and here is my story.

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Filipina Dating Gift guide

Filipinas Dating Gift guide

Giving a Gift to a Filipina

Part of the Filipino dating culture is the giving of the gifts of the man to the girl. Sometimes, you even have to give gifts to the parents! In the Filipino culture, there is great value in giving gifts.  Filipinas would surely like to receive special gifts from men because they see it as an act of thoughtfulness and love.

If you are, or would like to be dating a Filipina, here is a guide to giving gifts. 🙂

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Filipina Dating: A Guide

Filipina Dating: A Guide

Walking along in Boracay, Philippines

You may think that dating is practically the same thing everywhere around the globe. Think again. Dating is part of the culture, and each culture is different from one another. If you truly want to date a Filipina, the best way to do it is learn about it. It may not ensure you 100% success, but it would not guarantee total failure either. Here is a helpful guide for dating a Filipina.

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Filipinas, More than Meets the Eye

Filipinas, More than Meets the Eye

Woman. Filipina. Her functions, value, ideals and expectations change with each and every culture. To the Filipinos, women are seen as an essential part of the community and the country, not just as wives, sisters and daughters, but as fearless and independent creatures of skill, intellect and beauty.

The views of  Filipina women change as time progresses. This all begins with the motherly Filipino figure, rooting from the Filipino creation story ‘Si Malakas at Maganda’ (‘The Strong and the Beautiful’).

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Filipina Dating: Things to do

Filipina Dating Things to do

Filipina dating  entails a lot of time spent outside her house. Like many cultures, you would want to spend as much time as you can with your date. It would allow you not only to get to know her more, but spend time with her without the prying eye of her family members and friends. Here is an example list of things to do when dating a Filipina.

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