The Do’s and Don’ts of Filipino Culture

The Do’s and Don’ts of Filipino Culture – Health, Party, and Food

There are many dos and don’ts that can be found in the Filipino culture. There are many different kinds of things that people should remember too when they go there. Well, if you are planning to go to the Philippines, make sure that you are able to take note of these things. This way, you will be sure to fit in and enjoy your stay in the Philippines.

Among the other nations of the world, the Filipino people are known to be one of the most traditional. This simply means that they have many different kinds of customs and traditions. Alternatively, there have been one too many nations that have colonized and influenced them. This being said, it is understood that the Filipinos carry with them traditions that are left to them by the Spanish, Malay, Chinese, and Americans – apart from their own. 

When spending your birthday in the Philippines, it is very important to serve either spaghetti or rice noodles. Remember, spaghetti and not any other pasta. To the Filipino people, this will signify a long life. This being said, when Filipinos spend their birthday, there is always spaghetti at their tables.

When you are dining in a Filipino household, there are many different Filipino customs and traditions as well. When a spoon falls down, they believe that a female visitor will be arriving. When a fork falls down, on the other hand, it means that there will be a male visitor to come. When you see a cat rubbing its face with its paws that is where the visitor will be coming from. The Filipino people will not expect you to know these. However, it’s cool if you do, right?

When already eating, make sure that you don’t get the last piece of food on any platter. This will signify that you will be an old bachelor or maid. When everyone is not yet done eating, even when the majority is already done, do not clean up as the person who is still eating will not get married. When someone in the household is leaving when everyone else is still eating, turn the plates clockwise to make sure that the person leaving will not get into any accidents. Indeed, these customs may not make sense to many. But then again, you won’t lose anything if you do them so when you are in a Filipino house, make sure to remember them. 

When you are at a party, there are customs too that you should remember. If you are giving a wallet or a purse as a gift to anyone, make sure that you put there some notes or coins as this pertains to good luck. Alternatively, it is bad to leave the purse or wallet on the floor because doing so may lead to your budget running low. During New Year’s Eve, jumping will mean that the person will grow taller. If you wear clothes with polka dots during the same, you will be lucky money-wise that coming year. If you are happy and smiling during New Year’s, you will be smiling and happy the whole year and on the contrary, if you pout or are sad, then you will pout and be sad the year-round.

Anywhere you will go, you will surely be able to encounter many different kinds of customs and traditions. It is very important that you do not make fun of them no matter how weird and senseless it seems to you. This applies to the Filipino culture, customs, and traditions as well. The Filipino people, much like anyone else in the world, will not appreciate being made fun of. 

Fun Facts About Philippine Travel & Tourism

Philippine tourism is on a roll, so to speak. As days go by, more and more people want to go and visit the country.

A Philippine vacation is on most people’s bucket list at any time of year. This is because of the many different kinds of places to visit and attractions to enjoy there. Plus, enjoying a vacation in the Philippines is never too expensive. Yes, there are 5-star hotels in the Philippines, but seldom are they too expensive and will not but a massive dent in your budget.

So if you are planning to go on a vacation in the Philippines, here are some fun facts that you should take with you.

  1. The Philippines is a tropical island that is consisted of 7,107 islands. This simply means one thing – there are plenty of beaches to visit and you can surely have fun in the sun. The Philippines, being an archipelago, is home to many different islands and therefore, beaches. There are beaches in the Philippines that have the finest white sand while there are some that have black. There is even a pink beach there as the sand in its shore is colored pink! This being said, if you are looking for beaches, then you should surely enjoy your travels.
  2. The Philippines is divided into three island groups. The biggest island of the Philippines is its first island group, Luzon. This is where the capital Manila is located. The summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio, is also found here. The mid area of the country is called the Visayas. It consists of small islands of various cultures and dialects that many people enjoy. The third island group is called Mindanao. Found at the southern tip of the country, this is where most of the Muslims of the country reside. 
  3. The Philippines is a small country but they are home to many ethnicities. This gives them a great variety of culture and heritage. The main reason behind this is the fact that the Philippines went through so many conquests throughout the years. This is why Filipinos are known to be a mix of Spanish, Chinese, Malay, and American.
  4. Filipino people are very religious. Most of them are Roman Catholic but there are some who are Muslims and there are many other religions there. When on a Philippine vacation, make sure to pay respect to this fact.
  5. Filipino people are known worldwide as people who are hospitable and very friendly. This being said, you should expect them to be all smiles when you visit their country. You will notice that they will be accommodating to answer any of your questions as well. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you are in the Philippines, you will not get lost.

When you are on your Philippine vacation, you should never worry because their second language is English. Therefore, no matter where in the country you will go, you will be able to find someone who can talk and understand English. Although not everyone can do so eloquently, you can still count on being able to communicate.

The Philippines: Trying out the Food

When you are visiting other countries, you don’t just visit them for their tourist spots. You visit them for their food.

and the Philippines is no exception and has some excellent and delicious food for you to enjoy

When you are in the Philippines you must try Adobo. There is not one menu in the country that that doesn’t include this dish. This is an entree that can use either pork or chicken as the main protein. The sauce is a mix of vinegar, soy sauce, pepper, garlic, salt, and some other spices. It is a delicious meal that most enjoy.

Also, there is Lechon ( roasted pig ). Lechon is actually said to be the most invited guest to parties that are held by Pinoys and Pinays. Lechon is a very popular meal and is available all around the Philippines. But the best Lechon is said to be available in the Visayas region, specifically in Cebu City.

Filipinos are known to be thrifty in so many ways and because of this thriftiness, Sisig was born.

Sisig is a dish that hails from . The main proteins of this dish are usually the leftover pork cheeks, head, and liver of the . It is prepared crunchy and chewy through different cooking methods and served in a sizzling plate.

Although this dish originated from , you can find sisig all over the Philippines. 

Crispy is another dish that you should try when you are in the Philippines. The crispy is the knuckle of a pig. This is cooked by simmering the entire knuckle and then deep frying it. It is served with
soy sauce, vinegar, and chili. 

Many Pinoys and Pinays love the “ ng ”. In English, this means “fat of the crabs – the tiny ones”. As weird as it may sound, Pinoys and  Pinays were able to process the fat of the tiny crabs and make it like a dipping sauce. But many places in the Philippines offer this sautéed in garlic and topped on fried rice.

Palabok is the spaghetti of the Philippines. This is made out of rice noodles that is garnished with an orange sauce that is based on shrimp broth. Palabok is served with tiny pork cubes, pork rinds, hard-boiled eggs, and even oysters and squid. 

Much like everything else in this list,   is also available everywhere in the Philippines.

Bulalo is a beef soup dish made from the beef shank marrow. Yes, you read it right – it is the marrow of the beef shank. This is mostly available in Tagaytay and Batangas, south of Manila. It is made in a that is rich in flavor as this is cooked by simmering the shank for hours.

Wherever you go, be sure to explore the food that is offered.  Filipino cuisine is just one reason why many people visit the country –second to their awesome tourist destinations, of course.

Why it’s More Fun in the Philippines


The current slogan of Philippine tourism is “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”. But many people wonder is it really more fun in the Philippines? What’s so special about the country? Well, aside from the friendliness and hospitality of the Pinoys and the Pinays (which are Filipino slang for Filipino men and women respectively), there are so many activities that you can do in this small country. Their national language is Tagalog, or Filipino, but you don’t have to learn it so that you can enjoy in the Philippines. This is why it is always a good idea to visit the many Pinoys and Pinays of the Philippines.

The most famous tourist spots in the Philippines are water bodies. There they have hundreds of great beaches that have the finest white sand. There are rivers and gigantic lakes that are rich in history too. The favourite tourist destination of many people is the island of Boracay. Well, we all know what this island offers, right? Basically the Boracay Island, which is found in the Visayas islands of the Philippines, is the home of the finest white sand that doesn’t even get hot no matter how hot the sun may be. Yes, this is true. The island is also home to many different activities that everyone can participate in. In the evening, the island becomes the hottest party place as the shore is lined up with bars and the like.

However, if you are more into the solitude and relaxation kind of vacation, you can always go to any island in Palawan. This is an island in the Philippines that is known to be an animal sanctuary. There are many different land and sea animals present there. It is also home to many different beaches and dive spots that will really make your vacation in the Philippines one to remember. Indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines.

If you want to be near the beach but would like to be in a city as well, you can always go to Cebu. This is a city that has the best beaches minutes away from its center. Many Pinoys and Pinays love to live here, actually as it definitely defines what a paradise in the metro is. The language of the people here is not Tagalog, though. Their main dialect is called Visaya. However, you shouldn’t worry because the second language of the Pinoys and the Pinays here is English. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you visit this part of the Philippines you will be able to roam around without getting lost. You will surely be able to enjoy the place.

If you are into hiking and trekking, the Philippines have a lot to offer as well. The small archipelago is home to many mountains and volcanoes that any thrill seeker will enjoy. Sure enough, no matter what age you are or no matter what kind of mountain you would want to climb, the Philippines will be able to offer you the most wonderful time. This is why more and more people are visiting the Philippines. Aside from the friendly Pinoys and Pinays that are willing to be your guide, you will be astonished with the untouched beauty of most of the mountains and volcanoes that they have.

The Philippines is also the home of one of the new 7 wonders of the world, the Subterranean River Park. Basically, this is a river that is under a cave of limestone and such. Many Pinoys and Pinays offer tours here that the whole family will surely enjoy. After your trip of the Subterranean River Park, you can enjoy swimming and feeding the fishes in their marine sanctuary. You will be surprised with how colourful and vivid these corals and marine animals are. This is one reason why it is more fun in the Philippines.

It is more fun in the Philippines because of the diverse activities that you can do here. The Philippines is not a huge country. You can travel from the north to the south in less than a month – even when you are spending quality time in each of their tourist spots. Tagalog or not, you will be able to communicate well with the Pinoys and Pinays there, which will guarantee you that it is indeed more fun in the Philippines.

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