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The Do’s and Don’ts of Filipino Culture

Filipino Culture

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Filipino Culture – Health, Party, and Food

There are many dos and don’ts that can be found in the Filipino culture. There are many different kinds of things that people should remember too when they go there. Well, if you are planning to go to the Philippines, make sure that you are able to take note of these things. This way, you will be sure to fit in and enjoy your stay in the Philippines.

Among the other nations of the world, the Filipino people are known to be one of the most traditional. This simply means that they have many different kinds of customs and traditions. Alternatively, there have been one too many nations that have colonized and influenced them. This being said, it is understood that the Filipinos carry with them traditions that are left to them by the Spanish, Malay, Chinese, and Americans – apart from their own. 

When spending your birthday in the Philippines, it is very important to serve either spaghetti or rice noodles. Remember, spaghetti and not any other pasta. To the Filipino people, this will signify a long life. This being said, when Filipinos spend their birthday, there is always spaghetti at their tables.

When you are dining in a Filipino household, there are many different Filipino customs and traditions as well. When a spoon falls down, they believe that a female visitor will be arriving. When a fork falls down, on the other hand, it means that there will be a male visitor to come. When you see a cat rubbing its face with its paws that is where the visitor will be coming from. The Filipino people will not expect you to know these. However, it’s cool if you do, right?

When already eating, make sure that you don’t get the last piece of food on any platter. This will signify that you will be an old bachelor or maid. When everyone is not yet done eating, even when the majority is already done, do not clean up as the person who is still eating will not get married. When someone in the household is leaving when everyone else is still eating, turn the plates clockwise to make sure that the person leaving will not get into any accidents. Indeed, these customs may not make sense to many. But then again, you won’t lose anything if you do them so when you are in a Filipino house, make sure to remember them. 

When you are at a party, there are customs too that you should remember. If you are giving a wallet or a purse as a gift to anyone, make sure that you put there some notes or coins as this pertains to good luck. Alternatively, it is bad to leave the purse or wallet on the floor because doing so may lead to your budget running low. During New Year’s Eve, jumping will mean that the person will grow taller. If you wear clothes with polka dots during the same, you will be lucky money-wise that coming year. If you are happy and smiling during New Year’s, you will be smiling and happy the whole year and on the contrary, if you pout or are sad, then you will pout and be sad the year-round.

Anywhere you will go, you will surely be able to encounter many different kinds of customs and traditions. It is very important that you do not make fun of them no matter how weird and senseless it seems to you. This applies to the Filipino culture, customs, and traditions as well. The Filipino people, much like anyone else in the world, will not appreciate being made fun of. 

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