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A little bit about Philippine Travel destinations:

Philippines is a land that is home of diverse nature. Being an archipelago, the Philippines is home to many different land and sea animals and tourist destinations. Alternatively, the country has a rich and wonderful culture and heritage as well. This is why Philippine tourism has been a boom these past few years. I, for one, can guarantee that taking a Philippine vacation will really make your year special. There are so many different Philippine travel destinations to choose from, and all of them are special in many different ways. This is why people from all over the world enjoy a Philippine vacation. So pack your bags and check out the top Philippine vacation destinations.

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Being comprised of many islands, many of the top Philippine destinations are associated with water – beaches, islands, coves, and many more. The Philippines is a tropical country. Almost the whole year the weather here is sunny. This is why it is nice to take a Philippine vacation. No matter what time of year you go there, you will be able to find a beach that will be happy to welcome you. This is why beaches and other bodies of water form a big chunk of Philippine tourism.

Boracay is an island that is known all throughout the world for having the finest white sand beaches and pristine turquoise blue water and therefore is one of the top Philippine travel destinations. Recently, many developers have been working on the island and now, you can find so many activities to do here.  Spending your Philippine vacation in Boracay Island will not limit you to being near the beach. You can try out many different activities here as well. Some of the activities that you can do in Boracay Island would be snorkeling  diving, helmet diving, skim boarding, para sailing  and many others. There are also places in the island where you can go zip lining and ride an ATV or an all terrain vehicle. This island never sleeps too. At night, you will be able to enjoy an awesome night life as well. Most of the bars hold events during weekends as well. This being said, spending your Philippine vacation here will make you really happy.

Bohol is a island that is also a favorite travel destination for tourists and is found in the middle part of the Philippines, the Visayas islands. You can spend your Philippine vacation here and experience many exciting things as well. In Bohol, you will find Loboc River. There is a river cruise being offered here where you can eat exotic food and enjoy the native music. The cruise trip will serve as your walk through history as it will pass villages and towns where you can learn so many things. Indeed, this is a travel destination that should not be forgotten. But Bohol has another place that is fun to visit. Bohol is home to the Chocolate Hills. These are, well, more than a thousand of hills that turn brown during the summer – hence, the name Chocolate Hills. What’s astonishing about these hills is that they are of uniform symmetrical sizes and shapes. This is certainly a location you shouldn’t miss.

Then we have the Philippines’ “Last Frontier”: Palawan. It is an island that is home to plentiful numbers of wildlife. Whether for the land or the sea, you will be surprised with how great this Philippine island can be. You see, Palawan is a sanctuary and therefore many animals nest there. Being an island, Palawan is blessed to have fine, white sands and turquoise blue water as well. This is why Palawan is one of the most visited places in the Philippines. Palawan is also home to the Subterranean River Park. This is an underground river that is voted as one of the new 7 wonders of the world. Indeed, taking your Philippine vacation here will be well worth your time, effort and money. You will get to experience the Philippines at its best. More and more people are enjoying travelling to the Philippines. They know that they can have all the fun that they want while being surprised and enchanted at the same time.

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